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Press Release
Create a customizable movie database with KavaMovies 1.5


August 11, 2010 - KavaSoft today announced KavaMovies 1.5, the Mac movie database. KavaMovies lets you organize the movies you've seen, the movies you want to see, and the movies in your collection. It connects to the internet and downloads tons of information about each of your movies in realtime.

Imagine making a list of all the movies you've ever seen? You'd be surprised how easy it is with KavaMovies. Click a movie to see who's in it. Click an actor to see what they've been in. Directors, genres, keywords, charts, awards, languages, years... everything is connected!

KavaMovies 1.5 is now more customizable than ever. You can keep track of personal information, such as where and when you saw a movie. There are also customizable fields for other kinds of information, such as who you saw movie with, who you loaned a movie to, or anything else you can imagine. Data in custom fields is are now browsable, searchable and sortable.

KavaMovies 1.5 also adds MPAA rating information for all your movies. Keep it PG-13 if you're watching a movie with the kids, or sort by rating to find something more NC-17.

Use KavaMovies to make a list of all the movies you want to see. Click on a movie you like, and it will recommend ten other movies. Better yet, the program makes a master list all the movies you're most likely to enjoy, based on all the movies in your personal database.

KavaMovies organizes all the movies on your computer (or your shelf). Drag a movie file to the program and it remembers where it is. Just click play to watch whatever you want. It's your whole collection at your fingertips.

Don't have a movie? Toolbar buttons let you buy it from Amazon on DVD, or from the iTunes Store online. And downloading with BitTorrent has never been simpler: one click to search, another click to start the download in your favorite client.

KavaMovies costs $35. You can try all the features of KavaMovies with up to 100 movies for free.