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KavaSoft announces KavaTunes 4, the web jukebox for iTunes


December 15, 2009 - KavaSoft today released KavaTunes 4, the web jukebox for iTunes. KavaTunes makes websites that look and work just like iTunes. Visitors can browse, search, play and download your music and videos from any web browser.

KavaTunes 4 has an all-new interface that matches iTunes 9 and the new iTunes Store. The home page features a collage of cover artwork and artist photos, sliding galleries of most played, recently added, and recently played albums, and lists of recent songs and top artists. Every KavaTunes website is personal, because it's all about your music!

KavaTunes 4 introduces custom detail pages for your favorite artists. The page includes a selection of album artwork, and you can add your own favorite band photo. You can further customize each artist page with your own reviews and comments. The page shows your favorite songs by each artist, and even top playlists featuring music by the artist.

KavaTunes 4 now includes links to over two dozen music websites, such as All Music Guide, Amazon, Last.fm, Wikipedia, and YouTube. In the application, these links help you find information and photos about your favorite artists and inspire you to customize your catalog. You can choose which links are embedded in the catalog, so visitors can read more about artists, become a fan on Facebook, watch their videos on YouTube, or buy their music from the iTunes Store.

KavaTunes costs $35, and owners of previous versions can upgrade to KavaTunes 4 for $10. You can try all the features of KavaTunes on part of your library for free.