Organizing music

Curator displays your music in an outline. In many cases, commands can be applied to artists, albums and/or songs.


The View menu contains submenus that let you choose which columns to display in the outline, and how to sort the music. You can click the table headers to sort the outline, and control-click the headers to display the columns menu.

The artwork column shows which music has artwork in Curator and in iTunes.

Organizing Music

The view menu contains several options that control how the catalog is organized. You can also set these options in the Catalog preferences.

You can choose whether to show genres in the outline. If you uncheck this option, all artists will be grouped together alphabetically.

You can choose whether to group compilations together. If you uncheck this option, music on compilations will be arranged separately by artist.

You can choose whether to sort albums by year. Otherwise, albums will be sorted alphabetically. Curator can help you add year information to your music.

Expanding and Collapsing

Click the triangle text to an item in the outline to expand or collapse it.

To expand all items to the next level, either choose Select All (⌘A) and then hit the right arrow key (→), or choose View Expand All (⇧⌘→). For example, expanding once will show all albums, and expanding again will show all songs.

To collapse all items, either choose Select All (⌘A) and then hit the left arrow key (←), or choose View Collapse All (⇧⌘←). For example, collapsing once will show just genres.


You can type part of an item's name in the Search field and then hit return. The first artist, album, or song matching the search term will be selected.

You can also just start typing the name of an artist, album, or song. For example, to select "The Beatles", just type b-e-a ("the" is ignored). Typing the name will only select visible items.