Getting artwork

iTunes stores album artwork inside each music file, while Curator caches artwork for each album as a separate JPEG file.

To get artwork for the selected music, choose Artwork Get Artwork or click the Get Artwork button in the toolbar. To get artwork for all your music, hold down the option key.

If your music already has artwork, Curator will copy it from iTunes. Otherwise, it will download artwork from Amazon. You can also choose to get artwork just from iTunes, or just from Amazon.

Getting artwork from iTunes

Your music may already have artwork if you've downloaded it from the iTunes Store, or if you've manually added artwork yourself. You can get artwork from iTunes by choosing Artwork Get Artwork from iTunes.

Getting artwork from Amazon

If your music doesn't already have artwork, you can get artwork from Amazon. Choose Artwork Get Artwork from Amazon. Curator will search Amazon for products matching each album's artist and album title. If multiple matches are found, it will download artwork for the first product with high-quality artwork.

If the artwork downloaded for an album is incorrect, you can perform a custom search. This allows you to use custom search terms, and to select from the top ten matching products.

In the Artwork preferences, you can choose which Amazon country site to use: Canada, France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom or the United States.

Artwork dots

The artwork column shows which albums have artwork. The dot on the left shows whether Curator has cached the artwork in the album's folder. The dot on the right shows whether iTunes has added artwork to the music itself. Green shows that there is artwork, yellow that there is some artwork, and red that there is no artwork. For example:

  There is artwork in both.
  There is artwork in Curator. Double-click to copy artwork to iTunes.
  There is artwork in iTunes. Double-click to get artwork from iTunes.
  There is no artwork. Double-click to get artwork from Amazon.


You can get artwork by simply double-clicking an item in the list. (On the other hand, if Curator has artwork and iTunes doesn't, you can also copy artwork to iTunes by double-clicking.)

Curator can also get artwork automatically when you select an item in the list. In the Artwork preferences, you can choose whether to automatically get artwork from iTunes and/or Amazon. By default, Curator will automatically get artwork from iTunes.

Deleting artwork

To remove artwork for the selected music, choose Artwork Delete Artwork. Similarly, you can remove artwork for all your music by holding down the option key. This will delete the "artwork.jpg" files from each album's folder in your iTunes Music folder.

Replacing artwork

Curator will not replace existing artwork. If an album has the wrong artwork, you can choose Delete Artwork to remove the incorrect artwork, and then Get Artwork to get artwork again.