Adding years to music

iTunes can dislpay the year for your music, but often the year isn't set. Curator can look up years on Amazon, and then set the year in your music.

To look up years on Amazon, choose Music Get Years from Amazon. Curator will look up all music that doesn't already have the year set.

If the Year column isn't visible in the outline, choose View Columns Year. Years for albums that have been looked up on Amazon are displayed in gray. You can then review these years to make sure that they are correct, correcting or clearing incorrect years.

When you have verified that Curator has found the correct year for an album, choose Music Copy Years to iTunes. If you hold down the option key, Curator will set the year for all albums it has looked up.

When your music has the year set, you can sort music by year in iTunes, and create playlists like "90s Music" that display the music for a particular decade. By default, Curator sorts artists alphabetically, albums by year, and songs by track. And Curator can create catalogs that show your music on a timeline.