Adding artwork to music

Curator can add artwork to your music so that it is visible in iTunes. If Curator doesn't have artwork for your music yet, you'll need to get artwork first.

To add artwork to the selected music, choose Artwork Copy Artwork to iTunes. To add artwork to all your music, hold down the option key and choose Artwork Copy All Artwork to iTunes.


You can copy artwork to iTunes by simply double-clicking an item in the list. (On the other hand, if iTunes has artwork and Curator doesn't, you can also get artwork by double-clicking.)

Deleting artwork

To remove artwork from the selected music, choose Artwork Delete Artwork from iTunes. Similarly, you can remove artwork from all your music by holding down the option key.

Replacing artwork

Curator will not replace existing artwork. If an album has the wrong artwork, you can choose Delete Artwork from iTunes to remove the incorrect artwork, and then Copy Artwork to iTunes to copy the correct artwork.