Searching for artwork


If the artwork that Curator gets from Amazon is not what you expected to see, you can perform a custom search. Select an album and choose Artwork Custom Search, or click the Custom Search button in the toolbar.

A sheet will appear listing the top ten search results for the given artist and album. The table shows a preview of the artwork, the artist and album names, the size of the artwork in pixels, and the year that the album was released.

If the correct artwork isn't in the list, you can customize the artist and album names used for the search. Then click the search button to search again.

When you have found the album on Amazon with the correct artwork, select it in the list and click OK. You can also double-click an item to view its page on


Curator makes it easy to do an image search for an album's artwork on Google. Choose Artwork Search Google, and the program will show the image search results in your web browser.

When you have found the correct artwork, you can simply drag the image from your web browser to the artwork portion of the Curator window.