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If you have upgraded to a new computer, or your logic board has been replaced, you can transfer your license for free. The license will no longer work on your old computer.

If you would like to use the program on another computer, you can purchase an additional license for half price. Your current license will continue to work on your original computer.
Personal Information
Please enter your full name, and the email address that you used with your order.

Full name:        (Joe Smith)
Email address:        (joe@smith.com)
License Key
Please locate the license key that you have already purchased. Open your email program, and find the license key message you received from KavaSoft:
Buy Window
Copy your old license key, and paste it here:   
Computer Number
Please locate the computer number for the Mac you would like to use the program on. Download and launch Curator. Choose “Buy Curator” from the application menu, and you'll see a window like this:
Buy Window
Copy your new computer number, and paste it here:   
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