Services to translate, search, encode, calculate, convert… and much more!

About KavaServices
KavaServices can add commands to the Services menu that let you:
  • Translate text back and forth between 58 languages
  • Move and copy files to particular folders
  • Search websites like Google, Wikipedia, YouTube and more
  • Encode special characters into HTML entities or URL links
  • Calculate mathematical expressions
  • Convert currencies and other units
  • Sort lines, remove duplicates and remove blank lines
  • Convert to lowercase, uppercase or title case
  • Convert accented characters to plain ASCII text
  • Convert Serbian text between Latin and Cyrillic alphabets
  • Calculate MD5 and SHA1 checksums
  • Execute terminal commands
These commands will replace the selected text in any Mac OS X application, just like magic. You don’t need to switch to a different program, or even copy and paste.

KavaServices is highly customizable. You can select which commands you'd like to appear in the Services menu, and you can add custom unit conversions and web searches.
Guided Tour
Command Before After
Translate to French Hello Bonjour
Translate from Russian Здравствуйте Hello
Calculate 1 AU/c 8.31675359 minutes
Calculate £0.87/litre in $/gallon $4.55/gallon
Convert to Roman Numerals 2012 MMXII
Convert Dollars to Euro $700 billion 540 billion
Convert to Fahrenheit 100 degrees 212 degrees
HTML Encode résumé résumé
HTML Decode ♥
URL Encode path to file path%20to%20file
URL Decode path%20to%20file path to file
Convert to ASCII àáâãāăäåą aaaaaaaaa
Sort Lines Third / Second / First First / Second / Third
Convert to Lowercase E E Cummings e e cummings
Convert to Titlecase the quick brown fox The Quick Brown Fox
Convert to Uppercase openstep OPENSTEP
Search Google Maps white house White House map
Search Wikipedia barack obama Barack Obama article
Serbian to Cyrillic Ljubazni fenjerdžija Љубазни фењерџија
Serbian to Latin инјекција injekcija
MD5 Checksum Hello, world! 6cd3556deb0da54bca060…
SHA1 Checksum Hello, world! 943a702d06f34599aee1f…
Execute Command date Sat Jul 24 23:32:02 2012
Execute Command whoami andrew
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