Here are some categories to get you started quickly with Shoebox.
Holidays Holidays
A selection of holidays from 1999-2007.
Dates Holidays Mardi Gras 2007
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Jewish Holidays Jewish Holidays
Major Jewish holidays from 5764-5766.
Dates Jewish Holidays Passover 5765 Eighth Day
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World World
Every country and capital in the world.
Places Asia Pacific East Asia Japan Tokyo
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United States United States
The fifty states and their capitals.
Places North America United States California
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Europe Europe
All the countries of Europe and their capitals.
Places Europe Western Europe France Paris
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United Kingdom United Kingdom
Includes all English counties and London boroughs.
Places Europe Western Europe United Kingdom Wales
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Germany Germany
German Länder, their capitals and major cities.
Places Europe Western Europe Germany
   Bayern München
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France France
French regions and départements.
Places Europe Western Europe France
   Alsace Bas-Rhin Strasbourg
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Canada Canada
The provinces and territories of Canada.
Places North America Canada Alberta Edmonton
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Australia Australia
The states and territories of Australia.
Places Asia Pacific Pacific Australia New South Wales
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A selection of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Places UNESCO World Heritage Sites Stonehenge
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Animals Animals
From anemones to zebras.
Things Nature Animals Vertebrates Mammals Cats
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Apple Stores Apple Stores
From Tysons Corner to Yorkdale.
Things Businesses Computer Stores Apple Stores
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Cars Cars
All the major car manufacturers in the world.
Things Transportation Motor Vehicles
   Cars Makes German Volkswagen
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Colors Colors
All the colors of the rainbow, and then some.
Things Colors Red
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London Underground London Underground
All the stations on the London Underground.
Things Transportation Trains London Underground
   Lines Circle Line Oxford Circus
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Mac Models Mac Models
From the Mac 128K to the iMac.
Things Technology Computers Apple Macintosh iMac
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National Parks National Parks
All parks run by the National Park Service.
Things National Park Service National Parks Yosemite
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Scrapbooking Scrapbooking
Materials for making digital scrapbooks.
Things Elements Fasteners Buttons
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Sports Teams Sports Teams
Football, baseball, basketball, and hockey teams.
Things Sports Football NFL
   National League West 49ers
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