Tips & Tricks

You can edit a movie's title by clicking on it in the lower half of the window.

You can drag an image to the poster field to change the poster to an image of your choice. Right-click the poster to display options for downloading posters from other sources.

You can drag a movie file to the location field or the application icon to add it to the database. This will register that you've got the movie.

If you drag a movie file to the application icon and no movie is selected, KavaMovies will search for a movie in your collection with the same name as the file and add the file to that movie.

You can double-click an actor in the Cast tab to see their movies.

You can edit the custom field names on the Personal tab by clicking them.

You can type a number to rate a movie.

You can highlight the search field by hitting ⌘F.

If you search for a movie's IMDb number, KavaMovies will load the movie directly.

If a movie's details have changed, you can choose Movie Reload to get the latest information. This is particularly useful for current movies. You can reload actors as well to get their latest movies.

If you clicked a movie and found that you weren't interested after all, you can choose Movie Delete. This will effectively unload the movie. It will turn gray again, and no longer show up in parts of the program. You can do the same with actors.

Click the IMDb button in the toolbar to open a movie's page on IMDb. This button also works for actors and keywords.