To find a movie, type its title in the search field in the toolbar and hit return. You can also search for people, genres, keywords, languages and years.

If there's a single item in the database with a matching name, it will be selected in the browser. Otherwise, the results of the search will be displayed under the Search Results heading. All of your searches are remembered as long as the document is open.

The heading for each search will show all movies matching the search terms. If more than one kind of result is found, the search heading will include headings for different kinds of results. For example, if you search for "Action" it might show "Last Action Hero" under Movies, "Action" under Genres, and "Action Hero," "Sexual Attraction," and "Tooth Extraction" under Keywords.

Searching is a great way to find new movies and actors. Simply click a movie in gray to add it to the database. On the other hand, search results will only show genres, keywords, languages and years that are already in the database.