You can use KavaTunes to organize the movie files on your computer.

To add a file for a movie, choose Movies Choose File, and then select the file. You can also select a folder if a movie has several parts, or includes a subtitles file. The movie will automatically be marked "Got It", and the format will be set to the movie's file extension.

You can also drag a file to the Location field in the Personal tab, where it says "drag movie file here."

To reveal the file in the Finder, choose Movies Show File.

To play the movie, choose Movies Play Movie or click the Play button in the toolbar.

The Files preferences pane lets you choose options for adding movies. You can select a Movies folder, and then have KavaMovies automatically move files to the Movies folder when adding them. This is handy when adding movies from your Downloads folder.

You can also have KavaMovies create a custom icon for each file from the movie poster. When you browse your movies in the Finder you'll see all the posters, just like in the KavaMovies application.