KavaMovies is designed to help you organize information about all the movies and actors you're interested in. If you click a movie, it will show you which actors are in the movie. Similarly if you click an actor, it will show you which movies they've been in.

Movies and actors that have been loaded into the database are displayed in black. Ones that haven't been loaded yet are gray. Clicking a movie or actor in gray will add it to the database. By simply browsing around and clicking on movies and actors, you can rapidly find all your favorite movies and add them to the database.

The first browser column contains the following items:

Each movie recommends ten other movies. The Recommendations heading shows the movies in the database with the greatest number of recommendations. The Recommendations header is a great place to look for new movies to add to your database.

If you click a movie, the next browser column will show the following items:

Clicking any header will show its movies in the lower half of the window. Posters are only shown for movies that have been loaded. Clicking a movie poster is the same as clicking it in the browser, and will show information about the movie.