Sharing Photos

Emailing Photos

The simplest way to share photos is to email them. Just choose Photos Send Email (⎇⌘E). In Photos preferences, you can choose whether to reduce pictures to a smaller size, such as 800 pixels.

Copying Photos by CD

The easiest way to copy photos to another computer is to burn a disc. Choose Photos Backup Burn Disc to burn the displayed photos to one or more discs. On the other computer, choose Photos Backup Add Disc. All the photos will be added to the catalog, along with their categories.

Copying Photos by Network or Disk

To copy photos to another computer, select them and choose Photos Move/Copy Copy to Folder..., and then choose a folder to copy them to. (This is the same as choosing File Copy Photos to Folder.) You can reduce them to a smaller size if you'd like. To copy more photos to the same folder, choose Photos Move/Copy Copy to “Recent Folder”. Category information is automatically copied to a hidden file in the chosen folder.

Next, copy the folder to the other computer. You can copy it using File Sharing, a removable disk, or your iPod—but regardless, be sure to copy the folder, not just the files in it. Otherwise, the hidden category information will be lost. (You can select the folder in the Finder and choose File Create Archive to compress the folder before copying it.)

Then, launch Shoebox on the other computer, choose File Add Photos in Folder, and choose the folder that you've copied. You can choose to copy photos into your Shoebox folder according to date, or leave them where they are. All the photos will be added to the catalog, along with their categories.

Exporting Photos to iPhoto

You can export photos to iPhoto, for example if you want to make a book. Simply copy some photos to a folder as described above. Then, drag the folder to the Source list in iPhoto to import the photos.

Web Links

You can add hyperlinks to web pages that link to photos in Shoebox. Here are some examples:

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